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1984 = $84,000 New

Our newest engine is a 2006 Pierce. National Fire Protection Association recommends that any apparatus more than 15 years old, been maintained and in good serviceable condition, be placed in reserve status. If the levy passes a new engine would be purchased to be our main engine and our current engine would replace our 1984 engine. Big Lake responded to 5 building fires, 2 vehicle fires and 29 car accidents in 2019.

2006 =$340,000 New



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Levy Proposal - November Ballot 2019

Currently our community is served by volunteers coming from home in an emergency. If passed we would have funds for future staffing during daytime hours M-F, when most of our volunteers are at work. This staff would reduce response times but will also complete maintenance and other station duties.


This levy lift would also provide funds to pay stipends to our wonderful volunteers for training hours and responding to emergencies. This would help encourage attendance and show appreciation for their hard work. This would also help with recruitment and rention with a goal of reducing response times and having more personnel at emergency scenes.

Big Lake Fire Department

Radios have been a major issue for BLFD. Our current radios are failing and companies say that they are no longer fixable since most are over 20 years old. One new radio can cost up to $4,500 and we currently have 29 radios.


Volunteer Stipends


Replacement Engine

Currently our department has a 1999 Ford for a brush truck. This truck is outdated and has a failing wiring harness. Big Lake responded to 9 brush fires in 2019. This truck is also used during the winter since it is one of the few 4wd in our fleet.


 The Big Lake Fire Department is asking voters to restore the regular property tax levy for fire services to $1.00 per $1,000 assessed property value in the November primary election. The last time the district asked for a "Lid Lift" was in 2002.

Replacement Brush Truck

Our newest station was built to serve as a place to serve the community in a natural disaster. Careful planning was done in the design and construction. The final piece to being prepared is having a generator to run the whole station in a prolonged power outage.

*A community member has pledged to partially fund this. A small percentage has been recieved to date.

Why the need for a levy lift?

Replacement Radios

2019 Price = $500,000 New

Outfitting with tools = $70,000

Please contact us with any questions. We want you to make an educated vote!