Fireworks on the lake have been a huge part of the Big Lake Community every 3rd of July since 1963. This popular annual event is still enjoyed by residents and guests because of the long history of community involvement, which was started by a volunteer firefighter named Lyle Robbins. Proceeds from the fireworks donations pay for the entire fireworks event and provide much needed funding for fire department equipment and training. For the past 56 years the Big Lake Firefighters Association has continued this well-received tradition. Lots of our funding comes from local businesses. If you are a local business or community member that would like to donate please contact us!

Big Lake Fire Department

59th Annual Fireworks Show

Hosted by the Big Lake Firefighters Association


Tel: 360-422-5391

16818 W Big Lake Blvd, Mount Vernon, WA 98274, USA

When does it start?
-The show will start on July 3rd around 10:15pm, there is no exact time. This will vary on the amount of darkness and when the fireworks are ready.
Where can I view the show?
-The Big Lake Golf Course, The Big Lake Church or private residence. Both of these public places fill up fast so you should plan on being early. Portable restrooms will be available on site. Bring a chair or blanket and please pick up after yourself! There is a fee of $20 for parking.
What should information should I give my guests?
-Do not park over the white line or in front of fire hydrants. Illegally parked vehicles will be towed at owners expense.
-Do not drink and drive, police will be on the lookout for intoxicated drivers.
-Do not block driveways or park on others property without permission.
-Be patient when leaving, we do our best to get everyone on their way in a timely and safe manner.
How can I safely light my own fireworks?
-Keep a bucket or water hose nearby in case of a fire.
-Do not light fireworks near trees or shrubs.
-Always supervise children around fireworks.
-Do not try to relight or handle malfunctioning fireworks.
-Do not store spent fireworks near flammable materials

Association Leaders

President - Dalton Berg

Vice President - Joe Fleming

Secretary - Dave Swint

Treasurer - Mark Redis